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A balloon flight is the best way to admire the beauty of Cappadocia, a place with sensational sunrises above fairytale-like landscape.  You can enjoy endless panoramic views and breathtaking sights while drifting smoothly over unique rock formations and beautiful valleys. In a hot-air balloon there is no sense of motion, you are slowly gliding over the magnificent landscape without feeling the wind or movement. After the flight you have hundreds of photos and even more memories that will last a lifetime. Whethear adventurous or merely curious, this is an unforgettable experience for everybody.

Standard Balloon Flight
Standard balloon flights offer the minimum of one hour’s flight time. You are picked up from the hotel early in the morning, before sunrise, and driven to the take-off site. After you have had a light breakfast, you can also see the inflation of the balloon and you get a brief instruction about the basic rules of balloon flights. After that you smoothly take off in your balloon. Having glided over the beautiful valleys of Cappadocia and taken hundreds of pictures, you land and celebrate your flight with champagne. After getting your flight certificates you are taken back to your hotel by 08:30 am, having still a full day for other activities ahead of you.

Comfort Balloon Flight
Comfort flights are our new option for people who do not want to take a longer flight but would still like to enjoy the comfort of having fewer people and more space in the basket. The comfort flight lasts the minimum of one hour with a maximum capacity of 16 people in the basket, making it especially suitable for people who like taking a lot of pictures, as there are fewer people in the basket blocking the view.

Deluxe Balloon Flight
For people who are professionally interested in photography or aviation, the deluxe balloon flight is the perfect choice. The main difference between the standard and deluxe flights is the longer flight time, 1.5 hours, but also the size of the basket, which is usually 8-12 people.

VIP Balloon Flight
What a better way to celebrate a special occasion, be it an anniversary, birthday, wedding, honeymoon or any other important event, than taking a balloon flight just for two in a small basket. We have a special basket for you which only has room for the pilot and two passengers in it, so your flight is a very personal experience which can be tailored especially for you and your partner.

VIP flight offers all services VIP, like a private transfer from your hotel to the launch site, special beverages and refreshments on the launch site while the balloon is being inflated, an unforgetable balloon flight for two people lasting about 1 hour 15 minutes, champagne celebration and refreshments after landing and transfer from the landing site back to your hotel in your private transport. You also receive souvenirs of the flight and your personal flight certificate.

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